Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Series split, now back to the Trop

Tampa Bay Rays 1 - New York Yankees 6

For the first time this year, I didn't watch the Rays last night (snapping an impressive 5-game watching streak, which may well turn out to be my longest of the year!). I had intended to watch some at work today, but the computers here disagree with Windows Media Player, so I shall just have to catch the highlights when I get home.

Not that there were that many highlights to be honest. Three hits, one of which was a Jonny Gomes homer. And that was it. Jason Hammel looks like he did ok, but unless he can really break out soon, I've got to believe that he will be departing the Rays (either to the minors or elsewhere via waivers) when Kaz is ready to return.

So a 2-2 split of the series at Yankee Stadium, and a 3-3 road trip to open the year. Not bad, but I think that the players are a bit disappointed not to be returning home with a winning record. Which is a very encouraging sign indeed.

Bad news, which considering my entry yesterday will come as no surprise, is that Cliff Floyd was a late scratch from yesterday's game with a sore knee. No word yet on how serious, but hopefully it isn't too bad. Elsewhere, Ben Zobrist has also had a setback in his return from a broken thumb, and it will likely be at least another 3 weeks before he is ready to rejoin the team.

Today's home opener will see Matt Garza go up against Eric Bedard and the Seattle Mariners. Ordinarily I would be very positive going into this game, but looking at the numbers that some of our players have put up against Bedard in the past, and well... Lets just say that I'm holding out hope that sometimes stats don't mean anything!

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