Saturday, 12 April 2008

Heeeeeeeeeeere's EVAN!

So I'm not exactly happy that we have had to place a ninth player on the DL. But the fact that that player is Willy Aybar does mitigate the frustration of all these injuries somewhat. I don't have anything against Aybar - far from it in fact, he has made a nice start to the season - but the player who has been called up in his place is the one we've all been waiting for...

Welcome to Tampa Bay Mr Evan Longoria.

I am excited.

Add to that Jeff Niemann being called up to make his debut tomorrow, and a big part of the future is arriving at the Trop this weekend.

Not that the present should be discounted just yet. Take a bow Carl Crawford, who rapped out the 1000th hit of his career last night. May there be many more where they came from.

Baltimore Orioles 5 - Tampa Bay Rays 10

I watched the game from last night this morning, and very enjoyable it was too. James Shields hasn't locked in yet this year, but that was more than made up for by the hitters, and particularly Calos Pena. He belted two homers and accounted for 6 runs batted in. Nice. BJ Upton and Nathan Haynes both went 3-5, while Glove, Miller, Reyes and Percival all pitched very nicely in relief.

Hammel starts tonight, though I have this feeling that all eyes (including mine) are going to be on Longoria.


raybiscuits said...

Hey Rays from across the pond! I'm not exactly across the pond from the Rays, but I am in VA and a HUGE fan, so I really appreciate where you're coming from. And I thought too that Longoria got some really good at-bats, that he swung at the right pitches, fouled some off, you know, some stuff that rookies don't do. I thought he really did well. Go Rays! You can also check out your fellow (not as) far-away Ray fan's blog at . Thanks. Again and ALWAYS, GO RAYS!

John said...

Hi Raysbiscuits, thanks for stopping by to say hello. Yeah, I was definitely impressed with Longoria - and Niemann too for that matter. Hopefully there is lots more still to come from the two of them!