Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Longo, meet ROY

Ok, so not exactly surprising news, but it is exciting never-the-less. Tampa Bay have their first ever BBWAA award winner, and it is who else but Evan Longoria. He was named yesterday as the American League's first unanimous Rookie of the Year since 1997.

I hardly need to go over Evan's amazing stats, or indeed his intangibles. Suffice to say he has been the brightest spot in a whole sea of brightness for the Rays in 2008 and the award, for which he was favourite even before he had a major league at-bat, is massively well deserved. Even missing a month through injury, he still dominated all other rookies. And while I would want to take nothing away from the other rookies who received the second and third place votes - Alexei Ramirez, Jacoby Ellsbury, Mike Aviles, Armando Galarraga, Joey Devine, Denard Span, Nick Blackburn, Joba Chamberlain and Brad Ziegler - they simply weren't in Evan's league in 2008. Mind you, nor were many established players.

I think it says something pretty special about Longo that, in his first season in the bigs, he has already been made the Rays' player rep by his teammates. If that doesn't say something about his maturity, and the shear respect that other players have for him, then I don't know what does.

Longo is a superstar. And long may that continue.

But for now Evan, enjoy the prize. You have certainly earned it.

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