Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Jonny Gomes rules

Ok, so Jonny had a poor year at the plate. He got optioned down to Triple A in the summer, and didn't make much of an impact when he came back up in September.

But he has contributed as much to the Rays getting to where they are, 2 games to 1 up in the ALCS, as almost anybody. For what he has lacked with the bat, he has more than made up for with hustle, heart and determination. The whole feel-good factor began in Spring Training when Jonny sprinted half way across the field to stand up for his teammate, Aki Iwamura, when he was (almost brutally) taken out by the Yanks' Shelley Duncan. And he's been a big part of keeping it going ever since.

I've gone on plenty of times in the past about how Gomes is a great guy to have around the clubhouse, and I won't repeat that now. But I just wanted to highlight this story on ESPN, as another example of why he's a great player to have for the community as well. Jonny Gomes is one of the real good guys.

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