Friday, 20 June 2008

Cubbies Sweep!!

How 'bout dem Rays?!!

I've just finished watching last night's finale, and don't really have time to write anything substantial now, but I just had to jot down how impressive a series that was. As I've said before this year, its not just the winning, but rather its the way we're doing it. Last night Shields made an excellent start, but ran into trouble in the seventh, giving up three runs and being chased from the game.

Up until that point our hitters had been quiet, and had just a solitary run - and in years gone by a rough inning for our starter would all too often signal the end of the game as a competition.

Not this year. Bottom of the seventh, two walks, two hit by pitches, and Carl Crawford facing a lefty with the bases loaded an nobody out. Second pitch, swing, Grand Slam!!! That was followed by a BJ Upton triple, a double and steal of third from Eric Hinske and an Evan Longoria sacrifice fly. 7 runs, 8=3, game and series over.

A sweep of baseball's best team. I think it is time to take these Rays seriously.

Astros in town tonight, Matt Garza on the hill. Lets go Rays!!!

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