Thursday, 22 May 2008

Two games, and another game

Tampa Bay Rays 3 - Oakland Athletics 2
Tampa Bay Rays 1 - Oakland Athletics 9

Last night I managed to watch two baseball games, without seeing the end of either. Or, for that matter, really paying much attention to what was going on. Because, you see, I was watching the Champions League Final, and a belting good game of football it was as well.

Still, I saw enough of the baseball to know that on Tuesday Scott Kazmir made an excellent start (7IP, 4H, 1R, 8Ks and the win), and that yesterday Andy Sonnanstine did not. In fact, pretty much the only highlight yesterday for the Rays was an eighth inning homer from Jonny Gomes.

That means there was no sweep of the A's to take back to St Pete, but still a 27-20 record and second place in the East is a pretty good place to be. The Orioles are coming to town over the weekend, after an off-day today, and Matt Garza will be getting the ball first up, looking for his third win of the year.

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