Monday, 3 March 2008

Rays on the radio

So, the Rays are now officially underway sans Devil, and have made a nice start to Grapefruit League action, winning against Cincinnati on Friday, Toronto on Saturday, and Pittsburgh yesterday. Obviously its far too early to draw anything from that, but there have been some encouraging signs already, particularly a nice outing from Edwin Jackson, and good starts with the bat by Ben Zobrist, BJ Upton and the guy that everyone is watching, Evan Longoria. Plus Rocco played DH without hurting himself, and I'm looking forward to him getting a game in the outfield later this week.

As the Rays' first appearance on is a week or so away still, I listened to the radio broadcast of Saturday's game - something that I haven't done for quite a while. And I had forgotten how nice it is to have baseball on the radio on in the background. I think the nice thing about it is something that is in common with most sports on the radio - obviously you miss out on seeing the action and judging it for yourselves, but at the same time you hear so much more about what is going on. Its a very pleasant distraction to listen to what its like in sunny St Pete when you're sitting at home on a wet and windy saturday in Scotland!

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